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On-site consultation, loan and admissions

From January 2021 the Library of the Scuola Normale Superiore is open, only by reservation, both to the entire School community and to the non institutional users with a valid access card.

For users without a card or with an expired card, but who are in possession of the necessary requirements to obtain it, the Servizio ammissioni is reopened in the online mode only.

Access rights to our services continue to be based on the provisions of the Disciplinare governing the activities of our Library.

Admissions Service

Applications for admission can be sent by e-mail to the address, attaching the appropriate form duly completed and, if required by the Library’s Disciplinare, sending to the Servizio Ammissioni a surety message from a university professor.

On-site consultation

Access is possible in the following time slots:

  • Orologio/Carovana: from Monday to Friday, for a maximum of 4 hours a day in these 2 time slots: 9am-1pm and 2pm-7pm;
  • Capitano: from Monday to Friday, for a maximum of 4 hours a day in these 2 time slots: 9am-1pm and 2pm-7pm;
  • Strozzi: from Monday to Friday, for a maximum of 5 hours a day in this time slot: 9am-2,00pm.

Consultation of books from the Canonica site will be allowed in the Orologio/Carovana site, through a delivery service by the Library’s staff.

Unfortunately, we are forced to introduce some restrictions for safety reasons:

  • access for consultation can only be granted by reservation. Reservations can be placed here: (use your SNS email address and your SNS password, or the credentials that will be sent you by our Servizio Ammissioni);
  • those who do not need to access the Library for consultation can make a reservation only for the loan;
  • Also in this case, your reservation can be placed here:;
  • the following places are available for on-site consultation:
    • 46 places at the Orologio/Carovana site (Orologio: 21 users; Carovana: 25 users). 12 of these places are reserved for non-institutional users;
    • 29 places at the Capitano site. 7 of these places are reserved for non-institutional users;
    • 3 places at the Palazzo Strozzi site;
  • in each site in Pisa, reading places will be available only in a limited number of rooms, in order to facilitate surveillance and cleaning. The rooms where reading places will be available are the following:
    • Capitano site: Sala di lettura (ground floor); Sala di Letteratura (second floor); Sala Ciampi and rooms 1-4 (Linguistics, third floor);
    • Orologio site: Sala di consultazione (ground floor); rooms 303, 305, 310 and 311 (Classics, second floor); users are required, as far as possible, to use the seats available on the second floor to consult the material of Classical Philology, Ancient History and Archaeology Collection;
    • Carovana site: room 16 (ground floor); Sala periodici (first floor);
  • non-institutional users can access the Library’s premises only to consult the material owned by the Library itself. The introduction of own books is not permitted;
  • users cannot collect themselves books from the shelves, but have to use the distribution service organized by the SNS Library. Users need to reserve in advance the books they want to consult through the Library’s SEARCH catalogue. Reservations can be placed both before getting to the Library and once inside the Library;
  • while users are accessing the Library, reservations are checked by the Library’s staff. All users must measure body temperature before accessing. Access will not be granted to users whose body temperature is higher than 37.5°C;
  • users who need to use lockers receive a bag where they can put all their belongings before using the lockers;
  • users must wear a disposable face mask and wash their hands. Users must always wear their face mask in the Library, and hands need to be washed frequently while staying in the Library;
  • tables can be occupied only with a chessboard distribution, in order to observe the social distance of at least 1 meter. Reading places are identified by specific signals;
  • once the consultation is over:
    • please leave the volumes you used on the carts;
    • for those volumes you want to consult during a second visit, please return them temporarily at the appropriate circulation desk;
    • volumes in depositories must be returned at the appropriate circulation desk.

Loan and return service

The loan and return service is open to all users who are entitled to it according to the Disciplinare of the Library.

The service is active at the Orologio/Carovana and Capitano sites in Pisa with public opening times from 9:20 to 12:30 and from 14:20 to 18:40, from Monday to Friday, and at the Strozzi site in Florence with public opening times from 9:00 to 14:00, from Monday to Friday.

The material of the Canonica site will be managed at the Orologio/Carovana site.

Borrowing is exclusively by reservation and appointment:

  • users, both from their home or from the Library’s premises, can reserve material by browsing the Library's SEARCH catalogue, upon authentication with their credentials, starting from the record relating to the document they wish to reserve;
  • the user who has made a reservation, before accessing the loan, must wait for an automatic message sent by the automation system which notifies the availability of the volume; 
  • if the reservation is made from home, the user must make an appointment  for the collection of the volume via the platform Punctuality is essential;
  • users may enter the Library one at a time, wearing a disposable mask (users not wearing a mask will not be permitted to enter the Library), and observing a social distance. Admission to the Library is not permitted without without an appointment.

Return of borrowed material is exclusively by appointment:

  • users can make an appointment via the platform;
  • access to the Library is in the same way as described above (wearing a mask and observing social distance);
  • returned material must be placed directly by the user in a special container reserved for the service
  • in the above mentioned container, the books remain in quarantine for at least three days; during this period, they must not be touched by the Library staff or be loaned out, but they may be reserved through SEARCH by other users who may be interested in them
  • when the period of quarantine is over, the books will be put back in their place, and will once more be available for borrowing.

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