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COVID-19 emergency: the SNS Library at home

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Even during the period of closure to the public due to the COVID-19 emergency, the staff of the SNS Library are well and working safely from home, constantly meeting remotely and taking care of the services that can be provided at this time.

Many resources and some services of the Library continue to be available remotely through university credentials.

At the same time, in addition to the platforms who provide open access to their contents, some publishers are making available for free content and tools that are usually accessible only by subscription.

Listed below is the information collected so far, which will be constantly updated as new information comes to light. If you have any information that you believe could be of value, please share it with us.

Electronic resources with restricted access

It is possible to access all our electronic resources via VPN (e-books, electronic journals, databases, theses and dissertations, etc.), starting from SEARCH or from the other access points indicated on our website.


Purchase proposals

We have restored the possibility of sending proposals for the purchase of monographs, limited to those available in electronic format.

Please, note that:

  • purchase proposals must be sent to
  • not all books are available in an electronic format. This concerns in particular the texts in Italian
  • the supplier must provide the method of purchase or subscription necessary for a university user. It is not possible to purchase ebooks from platforms intended directly for end users, such as Amazon, IBS etc.
  • the proposer will receive a notice if it is not possible to purchase the electronic version of the requested work
  • the proposer will be informed after access activation
  • in order to access from outside the SNS premises, you need to connect to the VPN.


Document delivery for electronic resources

As part of the interlibrary services, the document delivery service has been reopened for electronic resources only.

Some useful information:

  • the request must be sent exclusively by email to the address
  • only requests where the supplying libraries own the resource in an electronic format will be processed. All other requests will be cancelled: the user will have to submit the request again when the full service is reopened, if still interested. The negative outcome of the request will be communicated to the user
  • the processing times of requests will depend on the availability of the supplier libraries and may therefore be less rapid than normal.


Loan service

Please note that all loans due in the closing period have been extended until the Library reopens.


Temporary access reserved for SNS users

In order to expand the resources offered, we have activated temporary trial access to the following:

The activation of other trials is underway, when these are available we will inform you as soon as possible


Electronic resources in open access

Below is a short (not exhaustive) list of resources made temporarily available in free access (not necessarily related to the subject of COVID-19):

  • Annual Reviews: free access to electronic periodicals until 30 April 2020
  • Booklist: access to Booklist Online is free until further notice 
  • Brill: access to books and articles on topics such as public health, distance learning, crisis research has been opened
  • De Gruyter: De Gruyter offers a section of resources in whole or in part with free access
  • EBSCO: EBSCO is making available in open access many resources hosted on its platform
  • Edizioni Gruppo Abele: free ebooks to combat isolation
  • EDP Sciences: open access to their journals content from 2018-2020
  • Edward Elgar Publishing: some of the titles published by Edward Elgar are open access
  • Macmillan Learning: in collaboration with VitalSource and RedShelf provides free access to academic e-books on both platforms until the end of spring 2020
  • MIT Press: free access to the collection of ebook MIT Press Direct
  • National Emergency Library: the Internet Archive is suspending waitlists on its lending collection through the duration of the US national emergency to meet the educational and inspirational needs of a global community of readers and learners
  • Perlego: access to over 300,000 academic publications. Users can activate a 14-day trial ("Start free trial" button), plus another four week extension
  • Rete Indaco : la grande biblioteca digitale per tutti: over 2 million free digital resources
  • Rockefeller University Press: free access to all articles until 30.06.2020
  • SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics): free access for one year to The SIAM Epidemiology Collection
  • University of Michigan Press: read-only access to all contents of the University of Michigan Press ebook collection (UMP EBC)
  • Zanichelli: free access to 10 dictionaries for 90 days.

  • AAAS: Science, published by AAAS, shared research results and quickly made data available over the past few weeks on COVID-19
  • American Medical Association: information on the COVID-19 issue published on JAMA and the other periodicals of the American Medical Association is now open access
  • BioOne: in collaboration with the Association of Research Libraries, the articles on the topic COVID-19 published in the following journals are made available for free: Avian Diseases, Journal of Wildlife Diseases, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, oltre ad altri articoli pubblicati su BioOne Complete
  • BMJ Publishing Group: access to BMJ articles and resources related to the COVID-19 theme
  • CABI: free access to CABI Coronavirus Collection
  • Cambridge University Press: access to a collection of over 70 book chapters and articles dedicated to the COVID-19 theme
  • Cell Press: free access to articles related to the COVID-19 theme published in Cell Press periodicals
  • Elsevier: the Novel Coronavirus Information Center offers free access to resources dedicated to the subject of COVID-19
  • Emerald Publishing: free access to resources related to the subject of COVID-19 and more generally to epidemiology
  • Hindawi: free access to articles related to COVID-19
  • IOP: free access to articles dedicated to the subject of COVID-19
  • JSTOR: free access to selected COVID-19-related articles until 30.06.2020
  • Karger: free access to articles dedicated to the subject of COVID-19 until the end of 2020
  • Mary Ann Liebert: free access to content related to the subject of COVID-19
  • MIT Press: free access to the articoli related to the subject of COVID-19 until the end of May 2020
  • New England Journal of Medicine: free access to articles and other resources dedicated to the subject of COVID-19
  • Oxford University Press: free access to articles dedicated to the subject of COVID-19
  • ProQuest Coronavirus Research Database: full-text articles, dissertations e other contents from the most important publishers
  • The Royal Society: access to articles dedicated to the subject of COVID-19
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry: free access to articles dedicated to the subject of COVID-19
  • Sage Publishing: free access to articles dedicated to the subject of COVID-19
  • Springer Nature: access to articles dedicated to the subject of COVID-19: Springer Protocols, BMC
  • Taylor & Francis: free access to articles and book chapters published by the publisher on the topic COVID-19
  • Thieme Publishers: free access to articles dedicated to the subject of COVID-19
  • Wiley: free access to more than 5,000 COVID-19 articles
  • Wolters Kluwer: free access to updates and resources dedicated to the subject of COVID-19


Recommendations on health protection in libraries


Finding trustworthy information on COVID-19

BiblioVerifica is drafting the “Directory Covid19 CrowdSearcher” to improve the sharing of and usability of reliable sources and studies, making these available (in some cases only temporarily) with open access on different platforms

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