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Reopening of the lending and return facilities

From Monday 11th May the Library has re-opened its lending facilities, behind closed doors and exclusively by appointment.

  • All users, whether of the Scuola or not, can return borrowed material that had expired during the  period of closure
  • For the moment, however, only SNS users may have access to the lending facilities
  • You can borrow only the material normally available on the open shelves that can be loaned for a period of 15 or 30 days; the periodicals situated on the open shelves can also be loaned out for a maximum of 7 days.
  • Any special requests relating to material not included in the above categories must be addressed to

Sites and opening times

From Monday 11th May the service is active at the Orologio/Carovana and Capitano sites in Pisa, with public opening times from 9:00 to 14:00, from Monday to Friday. The material of the Canonica site will be managed at the Orologio/Carovana site. We are working towards the activation of the service at the Florence site.

How the service will operate

Borrowing will be exclusively by reservation and appointment.

  • Users can reserve material by browsing the Library's SEARCH catalogue, upon authentication with their SNS credentials, starting from the record relating to the document they wish to reserve.
  • The user who has made a reservation will  receive:
    • an automatic message from the automation system in which he will be notified as to whether the volume requested is available
    • a subsequent message notifying him of the appointment for collection of the volume (punctuality is  essential )
  • Users may enter the Library one at a time, wearing a disposable mask (users not wearing a mask will not be permitted to enter the Library), and observing a social distance. Admission to the Library is not permitted without a fixed appointment.
  • Borrowing will take place without direct contact with the librarian.

Return of borrowed material is exclusively by reservation and appointment.

  • The user requests an appointment, by sending an e-mail to the address
  • Access to the Library is  in the same way as for the collection of the borrowed volume
  • Returned material must be placed by the user himself in a special container reserved for the service, without it being handled by the librarian
  • In the above mentioned container, the books remain in quarantine for at least ten days; during this period, they must not be touched by the Library staff or be loaned out, but they may be reserved through SEARCH by other users who may be interested in them.
    When the period of quarantine is over, the books will be put back in their place, and will once more be available for borrowing.

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