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Classical Philology, Ancient History and Archaeology Collection

Classical Philology, Ancient History and Archaeology Collection

by Paola Raffaelli – SNS Library

In this department the user can find works relevant to the study of the classical world in all its aspects: philology, literature, history, philosophy and archaeology. The records of monographs in the Library catalogue for this department are about 46,000.

Most of the collection is composed of printed works, to which electronic resources are increasingly being added, especially for some types of publications (bibliographies, encyclopaedias, etc.).

There are about 750 periodicals (including periodicals of general interest which contain articles of interest to classical studies), 474 of which are current. A section of electronic journals has been created and is added to on a regular basis; these can be accessed locally from every computer in the Normale.

The new acquisitions of the department are listed in a newsletter which is published on a bimonthly basis.

The collection is closely linked with the teaching activities and research programs at the Normale. Its expansion and updating is guaranteed primarily by the acquisitions of the Library, but also by exchanges with other cultural institutions and donations of texts or entire collections/libraries belonging to individual scholars. Donations have arrived from Goffredo Bendinelli (Archaeology), Paul Oskar Kristeller (Classical tradition in humanism), Giorgio Pasquali (Classical Philology and Greek Literature), Giovanni Becatti (Archaeology). The Arnaldo Momigliano Library is of particular interest; it includes about 17,500 monographs dealing with Antiquity and in particular Ancient History, with conspicuous sub-collections in the History of Ancient and Modern Religions, of Anthropology and of Sociology. An ample collection of miscellaneous offprints kept in 281 files constitutes an integral part of the Momigliano Library. The donation of the Sebastiano Timpanaro collection is a recent acquisition which deals with classical philology in particular.

There is also a repertory of Internet resources for Antiquity studies.  

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