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Guide for finding documents in the Library

This guide was prepared to facilitate finding documents owned by the Library of the Scuola Normale.

There are two lists available, with two different aims:

  • the list of catalogued materials aims to facilitate the retrieval of documents present in the catalogue. It includes the call number of the documents, which can be numeric (190, 919) or alphabetic (CD ROM), and the corresponding location in the various buildings in which the Library is divided, including the warehouse. The numeric call numbers are at the beginning; the others follow alphabetically.
  • The complete list of all the groups of documents, catalogued or waiting to be catalogued, in the main buildings of the Library or in the warehouse, shows the Library collection in its entirety. The different types of documents are listed together, with the numeric call numbers at the beginning and the others (alphabetic or with the name of the special collection) in alphabetical order.

* = material not in open access (ask Library personnel for help; for the regulations and means of use of the various types of documents, see the paragraph which refers to this in the Opening Hours and Services pages)
S = Left (sinistro) side of the Gherardesca building
D = Right (destro) side of the Gherardesca building

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