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Proposal for Regulation of donations

by Sandra Di Majo – SNSLibrary

Proposal for Regulation of donations

The Library of the Scuola Normale, like many Italian and foreign libraries, has grown over time not only thanks to acquisitions, but also thanks to donations of single works or entire libraries and collections containing printed books, manuscripts (scientific papers, letters) and other materials (slides, photographs, illustrated postcards, etc.)
The acquisition of entire collections is carried out with the following guidelines in mind:

-The collection should be coherent with the Library collections.

-The validity of the acquisition in effectively enriching the library collection has to be documented.

-The decision to keep the materials separately or not must be decided each time based on the nature of the materials and of the opportunities to make best use of them and increase their value. In many cases it is best to keep only a small core of the particularly significant works separately, or even to integrate the entire donation in the general collection of the Library.

-The unitary nature of the original content of the collection and the possibility to accede to it are certainly not of little importance given the role of the “historic memory” which the library fulfills. These qualities shall be guaranteed by the catalogue of the collection, which will be drawn up and made available online, integrated into the general catalogue and as a specific data base.

-Where there are double copies (not considering, obviously, annotated copies or copies with dedications or with other, particular qualities) the Library shall be free to decide how to manage them.

-Any condition that the donator requests to place in the act of donation (or of deposit or other form of acquisition), and in particular conditions about the use and the form of conservation of the library, shall be agreed upon with the Library.

-The expenses for the ordering and organization of the collection shall be covered by a special financing on the part of the Scuola Normale.

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