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The Literature collection (which contains more than 40,000 books, 4,000 of which are miscellanies) is now located on the fourth floor of the Palazzo della Gherardesca. The collection of Foreign Literature which is located instead on the ground floor of the Palazzo del Capitano is associated to it. Also included in this collection are the sections related to Literature in the Arnaldo Momigliano Library and the Onofrio Nicastro Library, which are physically separated from the rest, the publications related to other private donations, like the Rockefeller, and especially the Paul Oskar Kristeller Library, which is instead shelved with the rest of the collections.

The main core of the collection is composed above all by a section on Literary Theory and Literary Criticism, to which subsections dealing with general theoretical aspects of prose, poetry and themed criticism have been added. Then there are sections dealing with universal and comparative literatures, organized in their disciplinary and area divisions, as well as a small but important section of children’s educational literature. Also of importance is the section dedicated to the Romance Languages, which includes modern and contemporary Provençal Literature. There are then the sections on Italian Literature, with repertories and books for consultation in the first area: bibliographies, manuals, including manuals of style and meter, national and regional literary histories. Lastly, there is a section on theatre and different types of anthologies, including those from literary journals.

A second part, the heart of the entire collection, includes the various authors of Italian Literature organized in alphabetical order and then internally subdivided with first the primary literature, i.e., the works of the authors in their various editions, including, in many cases, the critical and national editions, including bibliographies, biographies, reports from congresses, translations, etc, and then after this the secondary literature, that is the textual comments and critical studies.
Lastly, there are the general studies on Italian Literature, as well as a section dedicated to the history of Italian Literary Criticism and to secondary literature about the critics and Italian scholars of the field.

The sections dealing with literatures from other languages are organized in the same way. These sections are more modest since the Scuola Normale at this moment has no internal seminars, i.e. lessons, of Foreign Literature.

There are also two very important private library donations included in the Literature Collection; they are those of Francesco Flamini and Michele Barbi .

There is also an ample and updated collection of journals about literature in the Periodicals Section, and a repertory of Internet resources for Literature.

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