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by Marco Tomassini

The Linguistics collection, housed on the third floor of the Palazzo del Capitano, collects more than twenty thousand publications, including more than 700 documents offprinted from journals or other miscellaneous works.

The collection is composed primarily of monographic, printed books, but the use of electronic resources is growing in this department as well, especially for some types of publication (linguistic corpora, mono- and bi-lingual dictionaries, bibliographic databases, linguistics courses, linguistic atlases).

There is also an extensive collection of periodicals of linguistics and related disciplines. The catalogue lists about 500 linguistics periodicals (including more general periodicals which also contain articles pertaining to linguistics), of which 260 are current. The Library also offers an intranet service of electronic journals, where Linguistics journals are continuously added as well.

A small library of over 100 early (printed before 1850) or rare (because they contain marginal annotations or handwritten notes of a certain importance, for their intrinsic bibliological qualities or because they are first editions, etc.) books can be counted along with the linguistics collection. These are kept and can be consulted at the Palazzo del Capitano Library as indicated in the page which explains the Distribution of closed-stack and stored materials.

The new accessions of the linguistics department are listed in a bulletin, which can be consulted on the catalogue selection page, which is periodically updated.

The linguistics collection is increased and updated principally through acquisitions of the Library, but also through exchanges with other cultural institutions. It contains documentation for all aspects of linguistics studies, in particular for those areas connected to the teaching and research programmes of the Scuola Normale.

It can be divided into two main areas:
This area of general linguistics – which includes series and collections of papers from meetings – contains typical reference instruments (specialized bibliographies, specialist glossaries and mono- and bi-lingual dictionaries) and publications from the various linguistics disciplines (theoretical linguistics, morphosyntax, phonetics and phonology, lexicology, semiotics, semantics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language teaching, contrastive linguistics, rhetoric and stylistics.
This section also has a collection of linguistic atlases.

This section contains all the publications concerning individual languages, and it is subdivided into two large areas: the collections covering the most widespread languages (the greatest part of the materials) and a significant collection of studies on other languages. This latter collection is constantly being added to due to the growing interest in typological perspectives in the study of languages.
Among the languages (all the Romance languages, the principal Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Slav, Baltic, Finno-Ugric and Indo-Arian languages as well as Turkish, Chinese and Japanese), the collection concerning the Italian languages is the largest, with more than 1,900 books. These are composed prevalently of works on the history of the language and its dialects, collections of texts and lexicological tools.
The documentation for each language is organized on the shelves in homogenous sets representing the content or the type of analysis being carried out. This is repeated for each language with the exception of Italian, where the richness and complexity of the material allows a wider spectrum of analysis.

There is also a collection of Miscellaneous materials, mostly offprints from publications.

The collection is entirely open-shelved, and classified according to a decimal system developed at the Library based on the 400 class of the Dewey Decimal Classification; to consult non open-access materials, including the electronic resourses, please see the Location, organization and use pages.

Many materials can also be found on the Internet resources for Linguistics page.

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