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by Maria Pina Moro and Elisa Panicucci – SNS Library

There are about 44,000 entries in the catalogue for printed monographs, pamphlets, offprints and electronic resources (databases and CD ROMs) dealing with general, medieval, modern and contemporary history.

History periodicals and periodicals of a more general nature but which also contain materials of historical interest number about 850, of which 420 are current. A selection of electronic journals which can be viewed on the intranet of the Scuola Normale is also available and rapidly increasing.

The new accessions of the department are listed in a bulletin published bimonthly.

The development of the history collection is oriented principally at the teaching and research interests of the Normale, and it takes place through acquisitions, donations and exchanges with other research institutions. Important sections of the collection are composed of materials donated by well-known scholars: the historical works from the library of Delio Cantimori were of fundamental importance, and other relevant contributions have arrived from the acquisition of the libraries of Enrico Mayer, Arnaldo Momigliano, Paul Oskar Kristeller, Arturo Codignola, Ernesto Codignola, Onofrio Nicastro and Ettore Passerin d'Entrèves.

Detailed information about these private libraries can be found at the page Special Collections.

There are history-related items in the Rare Books section as well.

For information on finding and using materials, please see Location and organization.

Details about the contents of the collection can be found on the pages Fields covered and Classification System.

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