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Social media policy

The Library of the Scuola Normale Superiore is also present on Facebook with its own page. The Library website ( remains the official channel of institutional communication.

The official FB page of the SNS Library is identifiable by the profile image with the institution's logo.

This policy indicates: goals and contents of the FB page; the relative management methods; the rules of conduct to observe in order to ensure proper use and a positive experience within the page. Joining the FB page community implies acceptance of this policy which is subject to changes and updates and which we therefore recommend to consult periodically.


The SNS Library's main mission is to support the research and teaching activity of the Scuola Normale Superiore. However, its traditional presence in the city and the development of the Third Mission imply the search for a dialogue with a wider audience.

For these reasons, the Library's FB page is used as a more direct channel of communication, information and interaction to promote its services and collections and to reach not only the SNS community, but also all those interested in the activities of the Library.


On the FB page of the Library you will find:

  • service information (e.g. changes in opening hours during holidays etc.)
  • notices about important organizational changes (e.g. new organization of a service, changes to the Regulation, new offices etc.)
  • communications about Library projects (e.g. new Discovery features, development of new procedures for requesting documents, digitization of particular collections, etc.)
  • notices about the activation of trials or the presentation of new electronic resources
  • news on librarian fonds or special materials belonging to the Library collections
  • notices about  events, exhibitions, guided tours
  • notices about calls, selections, job opportunities in the Library (e.g. 150 hours, internships, call for civil service etc.)
  • contents or initiatives (regional, national, international) of other institutions or persons of interest to their community of reference and consistent with the above mentioned purposes


The Library page is managed by an editorial staff of librarians from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 16:00, providing feedback to any requests as quickly as possible and usually within two working days. The periods during which it will not be possible to guarantee a reply within the above mentioned times will be reported. The FB page does not replace the several services provided by the Library, but it is indeed a communication channel; in case of requests that go beyond the purposes of the page, the necessary information to identify the correct channels to use will be provided.


The Library is pleased to promote and enhance the participation of members of its community, preserving the freedom of expression and interaction between participants. To this end, it allows everyone to publish comments as long as they comply with the purposes of the page itself, are characterized by an appropriate language, good education and common sense and respect the opinion of others.

In this regard, it should be noted that:

  • the mere presence on the social network implies for all participants the knowledge and acceptance of the terms of service and conditions of use of the social network itself.
  • each participant is personally responsible for the contents (comments, photos, etc.) that he publishes, and is liable in the event of any legal consequences.
  • the topics covered in the discussions or comments must have a general interest and be pertaining to the Library; participants must avoid presenting personal issues and remain within the topic.

Generally, the following behaviours are considered inappropriate:

  • offenses, threats, insults, vulgarity and all contents that may disturb the correct course of a discussion
  • content that is defamatory, discriminatory, incitement to hatred, intolerance or illegal activities.
  • contents that violate copyright
  • contents that violate the privacy law (D. Lgs. No. 196/2003)
  • pornographic content or links to it
  • spam, advertisements, commercial, advertising and propaganda messages, repeated messages.

In the event of inappropriate content, the Library reserves the right to take appropriate measures such as ignoring, hiding, removing comments and content up to blocking and reporting the persons responsible if necessary.

The contents produced by the Library (texts, photographs, videos, infographics and other multimedia contents) are to be considered under Creative Commons license CC BY-ND 3.0, and can therefore be reproduced freely, as long as the source channel is referred to.


The processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the policy of the social network to which you adhere. Personal data conveyed through the Library page will be processed in compliance with the Privacy Law (D. Lgs. No. 196/2003) and the Privacy Policy of the Scuola Normale Superiore in compliance with the European Privacy Regulation (2016/679).

The Library reserves the right to use the comments and the published content for statistical, administrative, research purposes and for the improvement of its services.

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