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Almost all books are available in an open shelf system, organized by subject area and topic, and so can be consulted directly. For the call number organization, see the list online and the chart posted at the entry to each sector.

For monographs which have been transferred to the warehouse please refer to the page Distribution of closed-stack and stored materials.

Please indicate any volumes not located on the shelves by filling in the pre-prepared form which can be found at the front desk. Before filling in the form, please check if the missing material has not simply been lent out by clicking on the link “all copies” in the catalogue record.


Most periodicals are available in the dedicated reading rooms in Palazzo dei Cavalieri (Arts journals) and Palazzo del Capitano (Science journals), in alphabetical order by title. The alphabetization does not take into consideration articles, prepositions, conjunctions, etc. The periodicals for the area of the Arts which have had a change in title continue to be listed under the original title, whereas those for the Sciences are organized by the most recent title.

A selection of periodicals, of both the Arts and of the Sciences, is deposited in the warehouse; these periodicals can be identified in the catalogue with the call number “Magazzino L” for the Arts and “Magazzino S” for the Sciences. For their consultation, please refer to the Distribution of closed-stack and stored materials page.

In the central rack of the first floor reading room of Palazzo Cavalieri the latest copy of a choice of the journals can be seen and read onsite.

In the rack on the 2nd floor of Palazzo Capitano copies of the year to date of most of the journals can be seen and read onsite.

The list of subscriptions of the changes undertaken for the first time during the year in course can be consulted in the new accessions Bulletin.
Please indicate any volumes not located by filling in the pre-prepared form and leaving it at the front desk.

Electronic resources

At the personal computers located in the various rooms of the Library and of the Normale online electronic resources can be consulted: the Library catalogue, Internet, data bases, electronic periodicals, CDs and DVDs in intranet. For the CD-ROM not on line see the Distribution of closed-stack and stored materials page.
The complete list of the CD ROMS can be found in the general online catalogue by searching “CD ROM” in the “Search by the word” [“Ricerca per parola”] space.

PhD Dissertations

The PhD dissertations defended from 2005 on (along with a small number of dissertations defended in 2003 and 2004) have been described in the catalogue. When the author has consented to it, the full texts are available in digital form from the catalogue record. For those texts without consent (including all those available only in paper format, please contact the authors directly.

Non open-access materials

As for monographs and periodicals deposited in the warehouse, also for other materials not openly accessible (rare and early books, some special collections, archive material, microfilm, microfiche, CDs and DVDs not online, etc.) please see Distribution of closed-stack and stored materials page.

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