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Freely accessible Electronic Resources

The Library of the Scuola Normale Superiore has increased its collection of electronic documents in recent years.
Due to the affirmation of this type of resource, the positive feedback from many users and the undeniable advantages that these types of resources offer, the number of electronic resources of our library has increased rapidly. At first considered as instruments to use alongside the paper publications, they have become a real alternative which can easily substitute many traditional documents.
These resources have increased constantly and in some years noticeably. Our collection of electronic resources is principally composed of: CD-ROMs, electronic periodicals, and more recently, online bibliographic databases. Special pages on the SNS website provide access to these documents, which are in any event catalogued and therefore accessible from the catalogue record as well. Access to these documents is reserved to internal users.

The Library also began evaluating documents freely available on the Internet as early as 1998, selecting those which are considered to be relevant to Library users and to the development of Library collections: repertories of Internet resources have thus been created, general (Internet search engines, online libraries and catalogues) and by subject (Philosophy, Art History, Literature, Antiquity and others being developed). These pages are updated by Librarians responsible for the different sectors and they offer the user a guide to some qualified starting points for research. The access to these documents is open to all.

Digitalization of manuscripts, printed works and slides is ongoing.

These projects constitute the basis of a digital library that may be augmented to include the works of the scholars themselves at the Scuola Normale.

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