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by Paola Raffaelli; from September 2013 by Barbara Allegranti -  SNS Library; from September 2015 by Cristina De Ranieri - SNS Library

Internet Resources for Antiqutiy

There are by now many reliable indexes of Internet resources for classical languages and literature. This page won’t therefore offer yet another, but rather offers a list of sites considered useful for finding both general information and for carrying out more specific research (for example for single authors or specific topics). These sites have been selected from among the many available based on how up to date, complete, organized and structured they are.

The information offered about the links has all been taken from the sites themselves; other materials have been added as needed.

More general research can better be undertaken from the Library’s Internet Research pages.
The Library also has a large number of local electronic resources.

There is also a guide to the Library itself: Antiquity collection.

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