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Early Books

by Barbara Allegranti e Arianna Andrei - SNS Library

On this page the user can find information about the cataloging of early books alongside the use of the traditional paper files, which remain indispensable for bibliographic reasons. The user can also find a list of on line Italian, European and United States catalogues which contain descriptions of early printed materials from the beginnings to the 19th century.
The selection of these resources is the result of cataloging experience at the SNS Library and it keeps in mind the standards of reliability and stability.
The brief presentation of the contents of each site is usually taken from the site itself, and the authors or editors (people and/or institutions) are indicated when possible.
On the Tools page there is material for a theoretical study of cataloging early works as well as material for immediate consultation, like standards, manuals, dictionaries, repertories of Latin toponyms and of printers’ devices.
The Italian Catalogues page has a list of all national, regional and provincial catalogues, as well as those of individual institutions with large collections of early works.

The Foreign Catalogues section offers an especially European panorama, indicating the main collective and national library catalogues available, and a few of the most important United States catalogues.
On the Digitalized early works page there are  links to some of the most important ongoing or finished Italian projects of digitalization of early works.
The Catalogues and digitalized manuscripts page offers an overview of some of most important ongoing or finished Italian projects of cataloging and digitalizing manuscripts.
The libraries which participate in collective cataloging projects, the type of early material available in the catalogue and the early collections held by single institutions have been listed. This has been done with an eye on the research criteria offered to the user (e.g., by printer or owner). The quality and completeness of the catalogue record (e.g., authors’  and printers’ authority control) is often heterogeneous, even within the same catalogue: electronic sources, like paper-based sources, require a critical approach.

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