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by Marco Tomassini – SNS Library

This repertory provides information for the user who wishes to obtain information available on the Internet for Linguistics.
The pages are organized in a format that aims at being easy to read and use.

Some pages offer links which allow direct access to information (primary resources), generally available in full text, like digital libraries, open archives, on line periodicals, on line dictionaries and corpora and glossaries.

Other pages instead list Internet pages which contain meta-information, that is, access to the primary source through a secondary source. These include general linguistic sources, specific linguistic topics and specialized bibliographies.

The tools page provides secondary information like indexes of associations, standards, technological tools useful for linguistics research, information about discussion lists and Linguistics congresses.

This page makes no pretence to being exhaustive: given the constantly evolving nature of the web, Internet research must be freely managed by the user.

The resources were chosen on the basis both of their usefulness for linguistics scholars and for their reliability in terms of  IT and updating. Links have been chosen from among the many web pages created by institutions, editors and important cultural institutions and they are aimed at a wide range of users, from the experienced scholar to the new student.

The information offered at each link has been taken from the sites themselves, translating and adding information when necessary.

The Digital Libraries and Open Archives page (respectively: collections of printed materials which have been digitalized and made available on line and archives of e-prints, i.e., academic studies and research published on line) offers an index of ready-to-use tools useful for finding one’s way in the ever-growing world of documents available on Internet.

These pages offers a selection of national and international linguistics projects, sometimes specific to linguistics and other times as part of larger projects, leaving the user free to choose her/his own area of interest. The choice of not limiting the links exclusively to linguistics depends both on the nature of open archives, which usually reflect the inter- and multi-disciplinary of research and on the importance of these initiatives and of their role in academic work.

The guide to the Linguistics collection of the Library also contains a list of the local electronic resources.

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