The databases are organised by study field so as to facilitate targeted documental searches.

Various types are available, regarding both function (databases of bibliographical, textual and factual nature, collections of eBooks, large digital libraries, multidisciplinary digital archives, research subject repositories, primary research data archives) and modes of use (databases with access reserved to the SNS, accessible only from the local network, and open-access databases freely available on the web).

The reserved-access databases are generally available on the platforms of the editors/aggregators, with a rapid connection, whereas the databases published on CD-ROM are installed on a specific environment (tATOO), and may require longer access times to the home screen.
These databases can be consulted via the PCs available in the Library and inside the Scuola Normale (study rooms, colleges, lecture rooms...), or from outside via the VPN service.

The links relating to the databases on CD-ROM do not point directly to the specific resource but to the tATOO platform, from which the databases can be scrolled by title.

For each reserved-access database the licence is indicated that specifies the modes of use of the contents. In some cases, the editors envisage, in addition to the licence, a specific contract specifying the conditions of use for each individual contract holder.

Where not otherwise specified, the resources are open-access.

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To report new databases to be added to these repertoires, see the dedicated page.

For problems of functioning and connection to the CD-ROMs, please contact