Library science databases

American Library Association Institutional Repository (ALAIR)
Open-access archive for the collection, storage and access to the publications of the American Library Association, the professional association of librarians in the USA.


Archive Ouverte en Sciences de l'Information et de Communication (@SIC)
Multidisciplinary open-access archive with a sizeable collection relating to the sciences of librarianship and the information that the link points towards.


Digital Library of Information Science & Technology (DLIST)
Collection relating to the publications of information science, archiving, metadata processing, Digital Curation and computer science for the humanities available in open access in the archive of the University of Arizona.


Created in 2003, this multilingual open-access archive hosts academic-level digital documents relating to the Library and Information Science (LIS) area, self-archived by authors from all over the world. The service is hosted by the Centro di ateneo per le Biblioteche dell'Università Federico II di Napoli.


Library and Information Science Commons
Open-access meta-archive on Library and Archival Sciences, part of the Digital Commons Network project. Through a kind of federated research it allows you to find contributions signed by librarians and researchers from all over the world but mainly from North America and Africa.