Acquisitions Service

Acquisitions Service

The Acquisitions Service is responsible for increasing the Library collections through the collecting of proposals by users and librarians, the management of series, and the reception of book donations and exchanges. 

The periodicals are managed by the Periodicals Office. 

If you are a member of the Library, you can submit proposals for acquisition using the special online form.

All proposals will be assessed, in collaboration with the Collection Management Service, on the basis of criteria of relevance to the profile of the Library collections, scientific prestige, and cost / benefit ratio in the case of extremely costly publications. 

Save for particular requirements, we do not acquire volumes of which there is a copy in any of the libraries of Pisa or which are already available in digital format through SEARCH. 

Requesting the same book both on interlibrary loan and as an acquisition is not good practice and is not an efficacious way to obtain the material sooner. Hence double requests are to be avoided; in any case, the Acquisitions Service, in collaboration with the Interlibrary Services, will assess which is the better option and consider only one of the two requests. 

The acquisitions service carries out accurate and extensive searches in order to obtain publications that are requested.  Please bear in mind that not all publications on the market can be acquired by the Library, which is obliged to respect national legislation and the administrative-accounting policy of the Scuola Normale, as well as the relative restrictions in the choice of suppliers and forms of payment. For the correct carrying out of these procedures, the Acquisitions Service collaborates with the Administrative Secretary's Office of the Library. 

Materials sourced from outside the European Community may present problems beyond the control of the Library that may have an impact on delivery times or even the possibility to complete the acquisition. 

On the arrival of the publication that you have requested, you will receive a notification; when on SEARCH the publication results as being “Available in Library”, you will be able to find it on the new accessions shelf of the collection relevant by subject. 
If the acquisition cannot be made or if the volume obtained differs from that requested (for example, the date of the edition or the editor …), we will contact you.  
Books that we have not been able to acquire remain in the catalogue with the wording “non acquistabile + anno” (“not acquirable + year”).