Integration of IRIS with the Library catalogue

Research outputs deposited in IRIS, the institutional repository of Scuola Normale, can now be searched also through the library online catalogue SEARCH. The search is limited to IRIS records with full texts that are either open access or embargoed (around 5000 as of today, and counting). 

The main types of research outputs include scientific articles, book chapters,monographs and doctoral theses, which represent an important addition to the Library collections. 

Within the Library catalogue it is possibile to interrogate IRIS separately by selecting the “SNS Collections” search scope and then “IRIS Instituional archive” in the dropdown menu. Alternatively, IRIS can be searched together with the other local collections by selecting “All collections”, or together with all available resources in the “Extended search” scope. 

Data from IRIS are updated daily. IRIS records re supplemented with an ad-hoc icon that makes them immediately recognizable in the search results list. They also have been harmonized with the rest of the catalogue so as to fully benefit from the searching, selecting and filtering options offered by SEARCH.