Piazza dei Cavalieri Project: visits to the Library

The Library is one of the visit places of the Scuola Normale whithin the project

Created jointly with Fondazione Pisa, the Project for the cultural enhancement of the historical-artistic heritage of Piazza dei Cavalieri is a Third Mission initiative of the Scuola Normale Superiore consisting of a proposal for the cultural, multimedial and multidirectional enhancement of Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa and of its rich and stratified historical-artistic heritage, through a series of public engagement activities, the outcome of original and interdisciplinary research studies. 

Entrances to Orologio and Carovana sites 

The Library is also involved in the project: small groups accompanied by the slibrarians of the Scuola Normale, have the opportunity to visit the Orologio and Carovana sites, to find out about their artistic vicissitudes collections. Access, with pre-established times and routes, is free of charge but must be booked, although reservations can be made up to a few hours before the start of the visit.

For school and university groups, however, a special visit can be booked, according to availability.