Distribution of closed shelf material

The closed shelf collections are identified in the SEARCH catalogue by the wording [scaffale chiuso] (closed shelf) after the localisation. For example:
      Pisa - Capitano   Biblioteca Barbi [scaffale chiuso]   Misc. Ba. 046.31
      Pisa - Capitano   Magazzino [scaffale chiuso]   190 K16 H465 EG

For archive material, which is not searchable through SEARCH, see Manuscripts and documents from the archives.



Request method

Requests for consulting the closed shelf material must be sent directly via SEARCH, by first authenticating and then filling in the form that opens from the link Prenotazione libri in prestito, a scaffale chiuso o tra sedi (Reservation of books on loan, closed shelf or between sites) in the section Get it of the complete visualisation of the record.

For all other details, see the guide Reservation of a document: user's guide.

The closed shelf material can be reserved only if there are no other open shelf copies available. However, if you need to consult a specific closed shelf copy, you can enquire at the first-access desk.

The materials placed in the book storage (identified in the catalogue by the wording Magazzino) are retrieved twice a week, usually in the morning of Tuesday and Thursday; generally, requests received by 8.00 am of the days of collection will be processed.


Collection of materials

When the copy requested is ready for collection, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of its availability; you can then pick up the material requested at the first-access desk at the Capitano site.

Pending the first collection, the material will remain on the reservations shelf for 6 days, after which it will be put back on the shelf.
If you cannot come to the Library within this time frame, you can request an extension of the expiry date of the material requested by writing to prestitobib@sns.it.


Local and reading room loans

All closed shelf materials may be consulted at the Palazzo del Capitano with a Reading room loan (prestito in Sala di lettura), of varying term according to the type of material.

Rari e Antichi and Magazzino Rari collections may be consulted solely on loan in the reading room, whereas other closed shelf collections may also be taken out by users having the right to a local loan on the basis of the single copy policy.


Manuscripts and documents from the archives

Access to manuscripts and documents from the archives (both on paper and digitalised) must be expressly authorised by the Head Librarian or by a delegate. Hence a request for access (domanda di accesso) must be submitted to the Head Librarian, signed in the original, containing the applicant's personal details, together with the subject and the purpose of the research that is to be carried out.
Requests by university students must be accompanied by a letter of introduction from the lecturer who is in charge of the research project.

Once obtained, the authorisation is valid for the entire duration of the research project; each time the user must complete the request for consultation (richiesta di consultazione) indicating the materials required.

For consultation of archives declared as being of historic interest, authorisation must be applied for at the Soprintendenza Archivistica per la Toscana.