Linguistics and History of language databases

Bibliografia del fondo Zampolli (Bibliography of the Zampolli collection)
Bibliographical database relating to publications on the automatic treatment of language, making up part of the private collection donated by Prof. Zampolli to the CNR Institute of Computational Linguistics (Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale del CNR), which he founded; the catalogue can be consulted via a database hosted on the CNR web site Biblos, Biblioteca Umanistica Virtuale degli Organi di Ricerca del CNR (Virtual Humanities Library of the Research Bodies of the CNR).


Bibliografia Generale della Lingua e della Letteratura Italiana (BIGGLI)
(General bibliography of the Italian Language and Literature)

This bibliography is an annual periodical published in paper format between 1994 (vol. I, bibliographical yearly issue 1991) and 2011 (vol. XVIII, bibliographical yearly issue 2008) which registers and catalogues, with exceedingly rigorous scientific criteria, everything published throughout the world, in books and scientific journals, on the theme of the Italian language and literature. The online version integrates in a single archive all the yearly issues up to the present published on paper (1991-2008) and those of future publication.
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Ethnologue. Languages of the world
This database registers all known living languages (more than 7000 with numerous variants), by means of descriptive files which for each language indicate the family of appurtenance, diffusion, type and other essential data. The resource, the most complete of this type, is the result of a research project which was started in 1951 involving hundreds of linguists, and is an indispensable tool for the study of the lesser known languages. Other tools available: international geolinguistic map; bibliographical database; statistical data for the individual language or country.
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Italinemo: riviste d'Italianistica nel mondo
(Italinemo: journals on Italian studies in the world)

Project of analysis, filing and indexation of the periodical literature of Italian studies [language and literature] published throughout the world starting from 2000. The search engine enables the retrieval of all articles taken from around 50 journals, for each of which an abstract is provided.


Language Description Heritage
Open-access archive containing descriptive materials relating to the languages of all the world. The collection, compiled by the Max Planck Society (Germany), makes available scientific contributions focussing on the description of linguistic diversity.


Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)
This database indexes the international literature regarding linguistics and the correlated disciplines in the linguistic sciences. It covers all aspects of the study of language, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. The indexed documents include journal articles, book reviews, books, book chapters, dissertations and work documents.
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LOT Archives (Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap  = Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics)
SNS archive that makes freely accessible the PhD theses published in the editorial series Dissertation series (the volumes published from 1998 onwards) by the institutional editor Netherlands National Graduate School of Linguistics.


Modern Language Association (MLA) International Bibliography with Full Text
MLA (Modern Language Association of America) International Bibliography is a bibliographical database with coverage from 1925, containing over 2 million citations from more than 4400 periodicals and from over a million volumes published, relating to literature, linguistics, the semiology of language, folklore, the theory of critical literature, and the dramatic arts. The updated edition of the bibliography is integrated with the full text content of around a thousand journals.
Also available is access to the MLA Directory of periodicals: the repertory offers detailed information regarding the editor, the subscription conditions, guidelines for publication, and statistics for over 7100 titles (4400 of which are indexed in the MLA International Bibliography).
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OAPEN Library - Linguistics collection
OAPEN Library is a multidisciplinary open-access archive of e-books; the project, which involves close collaboration with scientific editors, is co-funded by the European Union under the aegis of the eContentplus programme and is a dependent of a no-profit foundation with headquarters at the National Library of the Netherlands (The Hague). We have enabled access to the collection, which covers the field of linguistic studies only.


Online Bibliography of Electronic LEXicography (OBELEX) meta
Set up by the Institut für Deutsche Sprache within the broader project OWID, this systematic bibliography of online lexicography registers articles, monographs, anthologies and reviews published from 2000 onwards. Sources systematically registered: International Journal of Lexicography, Lexicographica, Dictionaries, Lexikos, Euralex-Proceedings, proceedings of the International Symposium on Lexicography of Copenhagen.


Open Language Archives Community (OLAC) Resource Catalogue
Meta-open-access archive which hosts both full text documents (textual and multimedial) and bibliographical references, deposited in dozens of databases in which the project is articulated. The archive, in which international research organisations collaborate, documents the entire range of the linguistic disciplines. The adoption of descriptive metadata assigned by specialists and the conformity with standardised formats ensure a uniformity that renders this sizeable archive an extremely dependable tool for the retrieval of digital resources of Linguistics.


Rara & Universals Archive - Das grammatische Raritätenkabinett & The Universals Archive
This database project of the University of Konstanz aims to document the entire body of linguistic universals; the catalogue, containing thousands of registrations, can be consulted, by key word or by scrolling, via an advanced research engine.


Titus Bibliographia
Bibliographical database of Indo-European linguistic texts and materials curated by the Department of Comparative Linguistics of the University of Frankfurt. Disciplinary coverage: Comparative Linguistics, Indo-European studies and correlated topics.


UCLA Phonetic Data. Index of sounds
Sound archive of phonemes relating to over a hundred languages collected by the Department of Linguistics, University of California at Los Angeles


Virtual Language Observatory (VLO)
VLO is a database with federated search for various types of data (research data, corpora, research analysis tools) relating to the languages of all the world and coming from archive domains and collections belonging to various research institutions. The database, managed by CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure), can be consulted using a search mask offering multiple search keys and that, starting from a list of results, enables the creation of a virtual collection by means of a Virtual Collection Registry.


World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS)
This database is intended as a subsidiary tool to the important homonymous printed atlas published in 2005 by M. Haspelmath, M.S. Dryer and D. Gil, B. Comrie, with the aim of providing the scientific community with the most complete world atlas of linguistic structures, based on the model of the most widely disseminated dialectal atlases. Interface for search of languages.


World Loanworld Database (WoLD)
Database set up by the Max Planck Digital Library, with the scientific curatorship of the linguists Martin Haspelmath and Uri Tadmor, which draws from the lexis of over 40 languages from all over the world, providing information on the phenomena of linguistic borrowing, etymology and language of origin of each word.