Cantimori Ancient books collection

The Delio Cantimori Ancient books collection, composed of around 2900 volumes, more than 380 of which are editions from the sixteenth century and 440 editions from the seventeenth century, was acquired in 1969 together with the entire modern library (over 33,000 volumes), placed in the history collection of the Palazzo dell'Orologio, of which it constitutes the nucleus, and with the rich miscellany of extracts and booklets (more than 11,000 documents).
Of a predominantly historical-philosophical and religious nature, the collection reflects the Cantimori's research paths with numerous works on the history of the Church, the Reformation, and the heresies, the Utopians and social reformers of the eighteenth century; it is also enhanced by a multitude of interests sustained by the passion of the bibliophile, examples of which are the many valuable editions, often enriched with an ample iconography.
In addition, the Archives Centre of the Scuola Normale hosts the Delio Cantimori Archive.