Capitano site

Palazzo del Capitano was built by joining pre-existing buildings and tower houses (the so-called case torri). Both the outside and the inside of the building are embellished with structures, arches and architectonic and decorative details that bear witness to the medieval origin of this palazzo, which has been a site of the Library since 1994.



Opening times


Monday9.00 - 19.30
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday9.00 - 23.00
Friday9.00 - 19.30
Saturday9.00 - 19.00


All the opening hours of the Library and the timetable variations planned for the current year, for example in the summer and public holidays, are listed at the page Opening hours and variations.

Changes in hours and closures not foreseen, for example for union assembly or strike, will be posted in the News and Events section of the home page.





Collections by subject

Art history on the ground floor (including the latest editions of a selection of periodicals)

Philosophy on the ground floor

Literature on the 2nd and 3rd floors

Linguistics and History of language on the 3rd floor

Political and social sciences on the ground floor


Authors' collections kept together on open shelves


Special collections on closed shelves

In addition to several authors' collections on closed shelves, Palazzo del Capitano houses the Ancient books collection and the Rare texts and manuscripts section.


Services and offices


On-site consultation

Loan, renewal and return

Interlibrary services

Distribution of closed shelf material

Reproductions (photocopies, scans and prints)

Microfilm reader and scanner



Library manager

Administration office


IT services


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