Coverage by subjects

The collection consists of four main areas: Literature: general part; Italian literature; Romance philology; non-Italian literatures.

The main topics explored by the collection are: Genetic criticism, Theory of Literature and literary criticism, Metrics, Stylistics and rhetoric, Sociology of literature, Literary Information Technology, Studies on translation, Anthropology of literature, Universal and comparative literatures, children's didactic literature and Romance philology. The following are represented: ancient Provençal, French, Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese literatures; modern and contemporary Provençal, French, Spanish, Hispanic American, Portuguese-Brazilian, Romanian, Ladin, Norse, Scandinavian, German, Dutch Flemish, English, American, Yiddish, Russian-Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian-Croatian, Persian, Hungarian-Finnish-Estonian, Indian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, modern Greek, Albanian and Arabic literatures. Sizeable space is reserved for Italian Literature and Philology. Other topics: national and regional literary histories, Movements, literary tendencies and styles, History of the English literary genres, Concordances and rhyming dictionaries, Authors and texts of Italian literature, Thematic critical studies: Literary iconography; Mnemonic and literary techniques: Twentieth century literary publishing.


Authors' libraries relevant to Literature and the main topics represented

Alessandro Torri for studies on Dante
Francesco Flamini for the early Italian poetry, studies on Dante, the literature of the sixteenth century and comparative literature
Michele Barbi for Dantean philology, Italian literature and popular literature
Glauco e Marthe Natoli for French literature, comparative studies and literary criticism
Remo Ceserani for the theory of literature, the history of literary criticism and the history of modern literatures
Sebastiano Timpanaro jr. for Italian and non-Italian literature, with a section of texts and studies by Leopardi
Vittore Branca for Italian literature
Eugenio Garin for Italian literature, in particular humanistic and Renaissance
Gianvito Resta for general Italian literature, medieval and Renaissance humanistic literature, with a specific section consisting of studies and texts of the literature and history of Sicily
Paul Oskar Kristeller for the thought, culture and literature of the Renaissance humanistic period
Piero Cudini for Italian literature
Antonio Russi volumes by twentieth century Italian narrators and poets and first editions of contemporary classics, works on aesthetics, literary criticism and theory, English translations of classics of European literature, poets and narrators of the Beat Generation
Guido Bonifazi for English literature
Cesare Luporini e Bianca Gallinaro for Russian literature
Giuseppe Vidossi for literature and folklore
Vittorio Santoli for German literature, Germanic philology and popular literature
Emilio Peruzzi for Italian literature
Amos Parducci for Italian literature and Provençal and Spanish Romance philology.



Periodical literature enhances the documentary collection for this area of study with a print collection, available on open shelves, and a collection of e-journals.



The collection of open-shelf monographs of general literature, Italian literature and Romance philology is located in Pisa, on the second floor of the Capitano site; the collection of non-Italian literatures is located in the same building, on the third floor.

For the location of the authors' libraries, please refer to the specific sheet in the section Personal collections and Authors’ libraries.

The literary periodicals are part of the humanities periodicals sector located at the Orologio-Carovana site (Palazzo della Carovana, ground floor and 1st floor).


New acquisitions

The list of new acquisitions is published in the SEARCH catalogue and gives an account of the titles acquired in the last 2 months.



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