Library science

Library science

Coverage by subjects

Librarianship, Book Science, Archiving.

The main topics explored by the collection are: Bibliography, Bibliology, Humanities IT, Digital library, Open science, Archiving, Library management, Metadating standards and manuals, History of libraries, History of publishing and printing.



Periodical literature enhances the documentary collection for this area of study with a print collection, available on open shelf, and a collection of e-journals.



The collection of monographs on open shelves is located in Pisa, on the left side of the 1st floor of the Orologio-Carovana site.

The Librarianship journals belong to the humanities journals sector located in the Orologio-Carovana site (Palazzo della Carovana, ground floor and 1st floor).


New acquisitions

The list of new acquisitions is published in the SEARCH catalogue together with the new acquisitions of the Generalities (reference works) and gives an account of the titles acquired in the last 2 months.


Librarianship databases.