History of art

History of art

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The main divisions of the monograph collection are: Museology and Museography, Protection, conservation and restoration of the cultural heritage, History of medieval art, History of modern art, History of contemporary art, Architecture and urban planning, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Minor arts, Italian art, Non-Italian art, Iconography and Iconology, Monographs on individual artists, Exhibitions and sales catalogues, Sources and studies, Collecting and commissioning, Theatre and Cinema, Music.

The main topics explored by the collection are: Byzantine art, Medieval and Renaissance painting and sculpture, the Baroque period, Art of the first half of the twentieth century, in particular Futurism and the Avan-garde movements, Wood sculpture, Medals, Miniatures, Stained glass windows, Collecting and commissioning, General or annotated catalogues of individual artists, Art criticism, in particular of Italian art, Art treatises, Protection and management of the cultural heritage.


Authors' libraries relevant to the history of art and the main topics represented

Paul Oskar Kristeller for oriental art, Renaissance art, the catalogues of international museums and of American exhibitions between the 1960s and the 1980s
Ernst Kitzinger for Byzantine and medieval art
Vittore Branca for the art of the Veneto area and in particular Venetian, twentieth-century art
Eugenio Garin for Renaissance art
Maria Monica Donato for medieval art and that of the subsequent periods



The periodical literature for this study area includes a print collection and a collection of e-journals.
On the ground floor of Palazzo del Capitano are displayed the latest editions received of a selection of around 50 titles of history of art periodicals.



The open-shelf monograph collection is to be found in Pisa, on the ground floor of the Capitano site.

For the location of the authors' libraries, please refer to the specific sheet in the section Personal collections and Authors’ libraries.

The History of art periodicals belong to the humanities periodicals sector located in the Orologio-Carovana site (Palazzo della Carovana, ground floor and 1st floor). For a selection of titles, the latest edition received is displayed at the Capitano site.


New acquisitions

The list of new acquisitions is published in the SEARCH catalogue and gives an account of the titles acquired in the last 2 months.



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