Generalities (reference works)

Generalities (reference works)

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Palaeography is the only scientific discipline hosted in this sector, which for the most part consists of a typical collection of reference, providing tools and apparatuses of general support to studies, and in particular to humanities studies.

The main tools present in the collection are: large monolingual and bilingual dictionaries; encyclopaedias; multidisciplinary and specialist national and international bibliographies; bibliographies and catalogues of manuscripts, incunabula and sixteenth-century books; catalogues of libraries and special collections; archival equipment; biographical collections; Palaeography; also housed here is a section of tools to aid research activities (manuals of scientific writings and for the drafting of theses, and on the methodology of scientific research; user guides for the use of university libraries).


Authors' libraries relevant to the section of reference works

Delio Cantimori
Giuseppe Vidossi



The periodical literature referring to this area, in addition to the periodicals of palaeography, essentially consists of some periodicals of a multidisciplinary nature, with particular reference to the humanistic area, and is enhanced by a collection on paper, displayed on open shelves, and a collection of e-journals.



The collection of open shelf monographs is located in Pisa, in the so-called Sala di Consultazione (the Consultation Room), situated on the ground floor and the first floor of the Orologio-Carovana site.

For the location of the authors' libraries, please refer to the specific sheet in the section Personal collections and Authors’ libraries.

The reference periodicals are part of the humanities periodicals sector located at the Orologio-Carovana site (Palazzo della Carovana, ground floor and 1st floor).


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The list of new acquisitions is published in the SEARCH catalogue and gives an account of the titles acquired in the last 2 months.


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